The world’s largest and most liquid market

INFLYX is a leader in bespoke liquidity solutions, a dependable source of liquidity for hundreds of popular CFD instruments. The skills and extensive experience of our team of executive directors are among the key elements of our success.

Maria Stylianou
Executive Director

Maria’s proficiency in dealing and compliance stemming from her experience at retail and prime of prime brokers encourages her to participate in a new age of genuinely transparent liquidity provision. Longstanding active direction of prime brokers and dealing departments has given her the drive to enhance the landscape of global liquidity services. As an executive director of INFLYX, Maria’s vision is to deliver the most profound liquidity.

Marios Antoniou
Chief risk officer

An energetic and driven person, Marios uses the skills learnt as a senior dealer, head of dealing on own account at major brokers and risk manager at a major bank to enhance INFLYX’s offerings. He is passionate about transparency in liquidity. Marios’ philosophy as chief risk officer at INFLYX is driven by his abstract, epistemic commitment to transparency that both transcends and emanates from all of his business activities.

Avgoustinos Athiainitis
Head of accounting and finance

Having developed a firm grounding in the key principles of wealth management and auditing at a major consulting company, Avgoustinos brings experience as well as acumen to INFLYX’s management team. His mission is to establish a solid reporting operation that will provide a true and fair view of the company’s results. Above all, Avgoustinos is committed to applying best practice, assisting INFLYX to maintain transparent and secure operations.

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