COVID-19 is affecting the market, but Inflyx has your back

The global market has been deeply affected by the unexpected COVID-19 virus.

In such difficult times, besides staying at home and safe (this is a given), your business needs a liquidity provider that is transparent, diverse, flexible that also provides a stellar customer service. The good news? Inflyx has you covered!

Here are some facts regarding the stock market’s situation, and how we can help your business “stay in shape” during and after this tragic pandemic.

The Ugly Truth

According to Reuters, world stocks were set to close their worst quarter since 2008, and European shares have had an even worst time, suffering their worst three months since 2002. Britain’s FTSE last endured such a drop in 1987.

Additionally, Reuters shared a report on Tuesday 31st of March, saying that “oil prices will stay below $40 a barrel this year, as measures aimed at halting the rapid global spread of the coronavirus cripple demand and the collapse of an OPEC+ deal adds to a mounting supply glut.”

Moreover, a survey of 40 analysts forecasted that Brent crude prices would average $38.76 a barrel in 2020, 36% lower than the $60.63 forecast in a survey in February. The 2020 outlook for West Texas Intermediate crude was slashed to $35.29 a barrel from last month’s forecast for $55.75.

Economist Intelligence Unit analyst Cailin Birch stated “The floor has dropped out of the oil market, and we do not expect it to return until the fourth quarter.”

While many industries are crumbling, the food industry witnessed an increase.

Food price inflation accelerated to 3.5% from 2.6%, extending a rise that may be aggravated by lockdown measures that could make it difficult for food products to reach the consumer.

However, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization has warned that restrictions could make it difficult for seasonal workers to move around and for finished products to be shipped, putting upward pressure on food prices.

How Can Inflyx Help?

With Inflyx you can expand your options with incomparable market depth while accessing to a vast array of symbols.

Our main goal has always been to establish transparency when providing liquidity services and help our clients mitigate risk as effectively as possible.

The hardworking team is available on a 24hour basis, in order to support clients to the fullest, and our so far success is built on honesty, flexibility, diversity, experience and reasonable pricing structures.

The stock market is currently going through a difficult time, with never before seen changes. This, however, does not stand in the way of Inflyx offering its clients the safety and accurate guidance. If your brokerage is operating on a strict STP model, contact Inflyx to understand how our easy to integrate risk management module can maximise your brokerages flow and profits, to make sure you do not miss out on this once in a century market!