3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Liquidity Provider

People have always been looking for new, alternative ways to increase their savings. Similarly, business always aim to grow their profits.

For the past couple of years, investing in the stock market, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency, has become highly popular all around the world as an option to increase income.

 When performed with discipline and mastery of fundamental investing and trading skills, these strategies can definitely go a long way.

Many advertisements present the buying and selling stocks, foreign currencies, commodities, bonds, ETFs, and other types of assets as complicated to understand, but this is not really the case.

One thing that many newcomers should know about, is the concept of liquidity providers, like Inflyx for instance. Inflyx helps businesses create liquidity by increasing the availability of assets in a market or a company.

So, we gathered the 3 main reasons how your business could benefit from Liquidity Providers like us!

  • Limitation of Risk.

Inflyx aggregates its pricing from TIER1 Banks and leading non-banks institutions.

Therefore, our clients can enjoy and benefit from our prices by reducing their trading and/or hedging costs. 

Our main goal has always been to meet our clients’ needs by being flexible without limiting the quality of the services provided.

Additionally, Inflyx is connected with large financial institutions and brokerage houses in the world in order to offer the best purchase and selling prices, ensuring great price stability and help to brokers to hedge their risk.

  • Covering All Types of Businesses

Aiming to cover all businesses’ needs when it comes to market investing, we offer you a wide array of raw spreads, competitive trading conditions, ultimate market depth, prime aggregation, exceptional execution, lowest possible swaps, and state of the art technology.

Additionally, with Inflyx, your business can enjoy the best underlying asset that is bound to be reflected in the horizon of your client’s entire portfolio.

Our highly liquid offerings include Forex, CFDs, indices, metals, and stocks. So, any volume can be covered by our market’s depth.

  • Offering more than just liquidity services

Many liquidity providers offer more than just the best buying and selling rates. It is also a huge advantage if your trusted service provider is using high-performance liquidity tools, and are capable of executing tasks with transparency, low-latency, lightning-fast speeds.

We are proud to be one of these companies, and our so-far success is the proof.

With Inflyx you can enjoy the best underlying benefits the market has to offer, and simultaneously enjoy our stellar customer support and end-to-end service. The result? You have the most complete solution on the market.